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Kerry School of Music was established in 1980 and is incorporated as a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, without share capital since 1989. The company is a charity (CHY no. 10046) governed by the Charities Regulatory Authority. The School is also a registered Scientific Society.

Principal: Aidan O’ Carroll, M.A., B. Mus. Administrators: Myra Blackwood and Eileen O’ Connell Tel: 0874103220/0667125690,

Email: Website:
Enrolment Procedures/Payment of Fees:  All intending students must be registered before commencing tuition. To be registered correctly, the appropriate Registration Form – one per student – must be completed and signed by the applicant(18+)/parent/guardian and returned in person or by post, together with the correct course deposit(s) and FRF (Family Registration Fee – one per family per year) to Kerry School of Music. Assistance in completing forms is available from School personnel.

How to choose: Private (one-to-one) or group tuition is available in most but not all subjects :  Please seek the advice of our office staff before applying.

The following guidelines apply to one-to-one weekly tuition in vocal and instrumental music, speech & drama and musical theatre:

Beginner to Grade I: 20 mins, Grade II to V: 30 mins, Grade VI to VIII: 40 mins. Post Grade VIII: 60 mins.

These are minimum weekly lesson lengths.

Allocation of places: Places are offered subject to availability. Kerry School of Music reserves the right to withdraw a subject or class or to withhold a place where  there is an insufficient enrolment or no suitable teacher is available.

Choice of Teacher: Applicants may request a specific teacher where a choice exists. All such requests will be duly noted and referred to the appropriate teacher. A teacher may however decline such a request without explanation.

Fee Payment Schedule: The deposit and FRF are paid to the School on registration. The fee balance should be paid not later than the first lesson of the year. Students requesting and offered places in the course of the year must pay the FRF and deposit and complete payment of the balance before the first class is taken.

Fees by STANDING ORDER: This service helps reduce the burden of fee paying by spreading the total amount of fees payable in any one academic year over a number of monthly instalments. Standing Order Forms are provided only by the School office. Terms and conditions apply. Please enquire.

All music fees quoted include attendance at Musicianship (Theory), Orchestra, Band and/or other ensemble classes. Fees quoted do not include provision of texts, external examination entry fees, accompanists’ fees, required class footwear or dress or any other associated costs, which may arise from time to time. All such additional costs are notified, frequently in writing, by teachers and borne by the student.

Refunds: Deposits and/or fees will be refunded subject to a cancellation fee of 20% up to the week prior to commencement. In exceptional circumstances only as determined by the Director, fees less deposits may be refunded after the commencement of tuition. All requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Director. The Family Registration Fee (FRF) is not refundable.

Kerry School of Music’s associate teachers: Teachers working in association with Kerry School of Music are self -employed professional practitioners. Each        individual teacher determines his or her schedule and is responsible individually to the School and to the student/parent for the quality and professionalism of the service provided. Kerry School of Music Ltd. promotes the services of these teachers, organises teaching venues and provides administrative and other supports to the teachers, their students and the public alike. Course fees for each academic year are set independently by the teachers.

Insurance: Kerry School of Music has Public Liability Insurance cover for all venues and activities. All teachers acting in association with Kerry School of Music are required to have and to provide evidence of adequate Public Liability Insurance cover.

Child Safeguarding: Kerry School of Music has in place a very active safeguarding policy. The School’s safeguarding policy document is available on request.

Student Safety: Every effort is made to ensure the safety of administrative staff, students, teachers and others at all venues operated under the aegis of

Kerry School of Music. If however, you become aware of any item or circumstance, which you feel might constitute a danger to you or to any other person, please notify a teacher, a staff member or the Director immediately.

Delivery Collection of students: Primary responsibility for the safe and prompt delivery and collection of students to and from lessons rests with the parents/guardians. Please note that it is not normal practice for teachers to escort individual students to and/or from rooms or buildings to meet parents/guardians.  Students should be collected promptly by their parent/guardian from the room or building in which the lesson has taken place. If a student is being collected by a person other than the parent/guardian, a written note should be given to the teacher in advance. Under no circumstance should a student be allowed or instructed to await collection outside a building. You are strongly advised to meet with individual teachers to familiarise yourself with the supervision procedures being followed.

Instruction in dance, drama, instrumental and vocal performance and languages often requires close or direct physical contact between the student and the teacher and discussion, explanation and/or examination of the physical aspects of such performance. Teachers are particularlyattuned to the varying sensitivities of students in this regard. Advance and ongoing discussion with parents and students together on the extent of physical contact and any related issues can be very reassuring for the student, the teacher and the parent/guardian.

Student/Teacher ratios: Varying Student/Teacher ratios apply to different subjects. Subject-by-subject guidelines are agreed between the Director and individual teachers and are monitored and reviewed annually taking into account issues of safety and quality. Please feel free to discuss any related issue or concern with the Administrator or Director.

Progress Reports: Teachers do not normally issue written progress reports and/or student assessments. Where requested, teachers will write weekly assignments and reports on work done into the note books of students receiving private tuition. These should be read and where requested, signed by parents. Parents are also advised to consult regularly with teachers and to discuss all aspects of their child’s work and progress.

Standards: The School provides an Individual Student Performance Assessment for every student each year in April. This provides a quality control ‘window’ through which standards can be externally monitored on a regular annual basis. A separate Brochure is printed and distributed in relation to this each year.

Missed Lessons:  In general, lessons missed by the student will not be replaced, regardless of the notice given. This particularly holds true in the case of group classes, where lesson replacement simply cannot be facilitated. Teachers may arrange for lessons to be given by a substitute. All such substitutes must be approved in advance by the School and parents must be notified by the teacher in advance of any such substitution.

Where a teacher unavoidably has to cancel lessons at short notice, every reasonable effort will be made by the teacher and/or administrative staff to contact the parents/students in advance. Lessons cancelled by your teacher will be replaced at a time and venue agreed with you. Alternatively, you are entitled to request a credit or refund from the teacher. Kerry School of Music is not liable for and will not issue refunds in respect of lessons not given by teachers.

External Examinations: Participation in external examinations is not compulsory and is entirely a matter for the parent and student in consultation with the teacher. Kerry School of Music provides facilities on request for examining bodies such as the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Leinster School of Music, the Royal Academy of Dance, London College / Music Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT). The School is not responsible for entry deadlines missed by students or teachers. For reasons associated with child safety, students may not be examined at centres other than those provided by the School without the express approval of the School principal.

Accompaniment: Students requiring accompanists for internal assessments, external examinations and/competitions/performances are advised that the School provides a panel of accompanists for all such events. Except in exceptional circumstances, it is understood that only School accompanists will be used by students.
Musicianship: Attendance at musicianship (music theory) classes, while not compulsory, is very strongly advised for all music students.

Every effort is made to ensure that they are available in all centres. Music students are notified well in advance of the appropriate musicianship class. Students who attend musicianship classes invariably derive greater advantage from their instrumental and vocal studies.

Performing Groups: Students are expected to extend their performing skills by joining one or more of the many performing groups organised by the School. Some groups (orchestras, for instance) meet on a weekly basis through the year. Students’ eligibility for specific classes and/or performing groups is determined by the class or group leader in consultation with the Principal. All group class times are pre-set. Alternatively teachers will bring students together to rehearse for specific performances. Group performance invariably enhances players overall musicianship, general musical competence and increases self-confidence. Further information and details can be got from your teacher or from the School office.

Change of Teacher: Requests for a change of teacher should be made in writing to the Director. The consent of the current teacher must be secured before a change can be effected. Under no circumstance may a parent/guardian arrange the transfer of a student without the knowledge and consent of the student’s current teacher.

Cessation: In certain circumstances (lack of application or progress, non-payment of fees, unsuitability to a particular instrument etc.) a teacher may with the consent of the Director advice a student or parent/guardian that lessons should cease. In this case, the student may apply for a transfer to another teacher or may apply for another subject.

Bursaries/Scholarships: From time to time and in certain circumstances Kerry School of Music offers scholarships to selected students.

To assist talented students experiencing economic disadvantage.
To provide training opportunities to intellectually or physically challenged students.
To encourage the study of certain ‘minority’ instruments.
To ‘kick-start’ certain development projects.
To encourage excellence. 

Parents of talented students who are financially challenged may approach the Director in confidence. Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure that the student has or continues to have access to the full range of tuition opportunities offered by the School. 

Instrument hire: A number of brass, woodwind and stringed instruments, bought and owned by the Kerry School of Music are hired to students every year at a nominal rent. Instruments are hired on a first come, first served basis subject to certain terms and conditions. Further information is available from the School office.

Library: Kerry School of Music has a substantial library comprising sheet music, scores, cassette and vinyl recordings, CDs, DVD’s and books. Students may access the library for reference purposes only by prior arrangement.

Kerry School of Music Charter: All who avail of Kerry School of Music’s services are entitled to be treated at all times with the utmost courtesy and respect by the Director, administrative staff and teachers associated with Kerry School of Music. 

Complaints: Where you find that you are dissatisfied with the quality of the service provided by Kerry School of Music or the manner and demeanour of employees of Kerry School of Music or teachers acting in association with the School, you are entitled to request to see the School Administrators or the Director. The Administrator or Director will discuss your complaint with you and agree the manner in which it will be addressed. You may, in certain circumstances, be asked to make your complaint in writing. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, it will be referred the School Board.